The Process

Consider this.  Book lovers find your recently released book on or  They order a copy and pay for it with their credit card.  It arrives in an Amazon or Barnes and Noble box.

When they open it, will they be able to tell whether it was self-published?

The risky answer these days is, Maybe.

If you’re thinking about self-publishing, you probably know by now that more than three-quarters of all new books released in America last year were self-published.  Moreover, serious writers, many of them commercially published professionals, are as much a part of the market as are those who’ve just written their first book.

Hundreds of presses would love to work with you.


Judy Eichinger
Judy Eichinger

First and foremost, we’ll make sure you get a book to be proud of in the end—one that looks, feels, and reads like all the commercially produced ones you’ve always read.  One that definitely won’t look self-published when it comes out of that Amazon box.  Not all self-published books do.

Full Court Press is committed to serving the needs of discerning authors–previously published or not—who understand how important that is.  They understand that no one who buys a poorly crafted and presented book isn’t on some level influenced by its lack of authenticity—and is therefore far less likely to ever recommend it to somebody else.

So our aim is, simply, to make sure you get a self-published book that is indistinguishable in every respect from a traditionally published one.  We pledge to do for your title what publishers have always done for every book title.  In that, we do what most self-publishing services don’t.

Here’s how.


Most authors who are interested in self-publishing write grammatically coherent English; few, however, really know the ins-and-outs of hyphenation, capitalization, the intricacies of punctuating dialog, and so on. We insist on providing this editorial support for each submitted book, tightening and focusing it structurally when necessary, and removing vagueness and clutter, because readers can always tell the difference even if they don’t know the rules.  The vast majority of self-publishers fail to provide an author with this service.

Sondra Markim
Sondra Markim

Our job is to make you look like a star.  All our books are edited with care and precision, in exactly the way that traditional books always have been.  Your manuscript will get the same treatment published authors do in commercial publishing houses.  We’ll eliminate redundancies from your work.  In addition, we’ll make sure that it conforms to the exacting guidelines of the University of Chicago Manual of Style, the universally accepted standard of the publishing industry.  We won’t alter your voice, we’ll amplify it.  This is the first step in our self-publishing process.  When we’re done, we’ll send the edited manuscript to you for your feedback and approval.

We will also digitize and correct grayscale and color values, and the brightness and contrast, of any art or photography you send us as part of your submission.


Mike Lynes
Mike Lynes

Once we have approval of the manuscript—with its overall length and your wishes in mind—we’ll discuss the book’s physical size and format, finding the right combination for you.  We produce paperbacks of every size and shape, from 4″ x 6″ to 8.5″ x 11″ and including a landscape coffee-table size.  We produce hardcovers with dustjackets too, as well as casebound books.  We do black-and-white interiors with four-color glossy or matte finish covers.  We offer full-color interiors in two quality grades, too.

We will design the cover and interior of your book to make sure that everything your reader sees reflects the tone and character of what you have written.  We will select fonts and create layouts to make a seamless impression, seeing to it that margins and line spacing are pleasing and allow for a clear, easy read, and providing the visual devices that every traditionally published book contains.  Most self-publishing services skimp on some of these elements—half-title and title pages in the front of the book with ISBN identification and Library of Congress Catalog number, copyright and dedication pages, an acknowledgment section if you need one, proper headers and footers, chapter openings, drop caps, footnotes, captions for art, a host of small details that you would assume will be provided for your book because you’ve always seen them in everybody else’s but that, more often than not, aren’t.

When we’re done, we’ll add the ISBN number and barcode to the cover, send you PDFs of the design for you to proofread for typos and corrections, and make any proofreading changes you call for.  By then, we’ll also be able to calculate, to the penny, how much a copy of the book will cost to manufacture, and, with your input, we’ll settle on a retail price for the book that—after the internet bookseller’s discount and the manufacturing charge are deducted from an internet print sale—will realize a minimum 12–15 percent return to you.

We charge for editing and designing books.  We don’t take a percentage of sales, believing that authors are entitled to every dime their books earn.


David Jones
David Jones

When you’re happy with the design of the book, we’ll register the title, see the book through the manufacturing process, and, once that’s done, have a physical copy of the actual bound book overnighted to you for your approval.

When we have it, we’ll release the book, making it available to you as well as to Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  You’ll be able to buy as many copies of the book as you wish, for readings, signings, or other public appearances.  You will pay the same wholesale price the internet booksellers pay for the book, plus shipping.  Internet sales are continuously replenished by the printer through an ongoing algorithm interface with the internet booksellers.  We will report sales and send income payments to you quarterly.


All of our books can be converted to ebooks for sale on the Kindle, Nook, and Apple platforms, as well as a half dozen lesser known ones.  You can order these conversions at any time, either in reflow (for text alone) or fixed format (for text and art).  Ebooks retail from $2.99 to $9.99 and realize a 70-percent return to the author.  We will report sales and send income payments to you quarterly.


Yolanda Hawkins-Rogers
Yolanda Hawkins-Rogers

One of the great benefits of self-publishing is that, because we generally use Print On Demand (POD), a Xerox-based system, in place of offset printing presses, turn-around times are much quicker.

We require a month to properly edit a book, and three weeks to a month to design covers and interiors and produce PDFs for your review.  Once these are approved, we’ll get a physical proof copy into your hands in ten days.  Internet booksellers will typically have your title listed and copies available for purchase two weeks after you approve your proof copy; and you’ll be able to order copies for your own use immediately after your approval, with deliveries taking about ten days.


Susanne Meyer-Fitzsimmons
Susanne Meyer-Fitzsimmons

We will keep track of sales and earnings, report quarterly to you, and send payment for all income we receive from both print and ebook titles.

We don’t do book marketing, but we will be happy to discuss marketing strategies with you—through book talks, readings, and signings, through traditional and social media promotions, and through affinity marketing, to name a few.


We will see to it, in short, that the book you finally hold in your hands will do justice to the effort you spent on creating it—that it’s a book you can be proud of.

If you pay attention to detail and appreciate quality, if you want a product people will want to buy, Full Court Press is the place for you.

Send an email describing your book, with the Word file as an attachment to us at, for a free evaluation!