Robert Lavett-Smith“I am presently in the midst of my fourth publishing project with Full Court Press. As was true with all the previous books, the path to publication is proving to be a real pleasure. Barry Sheinkopf’s keen insight into the creative process, and his consummate editorial skills, take much of the pain out of what might easily, in the hands of another publisher, be a very stressful experience. In addition, when I publish with Full Court, I know that I can count on a handsomely-turned-out, professional volume—a book to be proud of, one that can stand alongside anything from the major publishing houses. I wholeheartedly recommend the press to all authors, seasoned or novice; whatever the subject of your manuscript, you may be confident that it will be handled with the utmost skill and care, and that the final product will exceed your expectations.”

Robert Lavett Smith
Author of Smoke In Cold Weather, The Widower Considers Candles, and Sturgeon Moon


Yolanda Hawkins-Rogers“Barry Sheinkopf was a tremendous support in helping get my work published. He made helpful suggestions and encouraged me every step of the way. His years of experience and editorial talent made it possible for this novice get the work done in a timely fashion. Kudos to him and to Full Court Press!”

Yolanda Hawkins-Rodgers
Author of Feelings: A Therapeutic Coloring Book For Grown-Ups


Peter Strassberg“I have used Full Court Press for four books that I’ve written. I am extremely happy with the results of each. Barry Sheinkopf, the Publisher of Full Court, could not have been nicer or more helpful in getting those books to print. The copies came back on time in beautiful condition. There were no mistakes. The covers were beautifully done, and the layout of pages and illustrations was excellent. As an author I will continue to use Full Court Press for all of my future work. Keep up the good work, Barry!”

Peter Strassberg, M.D.
Author of The Hunger for More, The Cosmic-Quantum Conundrum, A Funny Place: Our World—The Surface to a Higher Realm, and The Handbook of Helpful, Healthful Hints: What Your Doctor Does and Why


Janice & Richard William Loschiavo“Assembling a book for the press can be an overwhelming challenge. I learned there is so much more to it than just writing. Fortunately, a colleague in my writing group recommended Barry Sheinkopf and Full Court Press. His advice was priceless. He patiently guided me along the process and provided support as my ideas turned into an end product I am so proud of. Full Court combined the printed words and illustrations in an eye-appealing layout. I could never have done it on my own. Barry promptly responds to every query with patience and expertise. It truly was a pleasure to work with him. My book has received excellent reviews and continues to do well in sales.”

Janice Loschiavo
Author of Life’s Lessons for Children (and for teachers and parents, too!)


Doris Friedensohn“Full Court Press is a polished, professional operation— and a pleasure to work with. In 2011, the Press published my book Cooking for Change: Tales from a Food Service Training Academy. That volume, beautifully designed by publisher Barry Sheinkopf, moved smoothly from conception to publication. He is savvy, efficient, and responsive to his writers; he knows how to turn out a good-looking book and to do so with a minimum of stress for the author. I’m about to hand over the manuscript of my next book, a collection of travel essays; and I’ve recommended the Press—enthusiastically—to several colleagues who are accomplished writers with clever and unusual projects.”

Doris Friedensohn
Professor Emerita of Women’s Studies
New Jersey City University


Alfred Borrelli“I worked with Full Court Press on my book, The Match, in 2017. It is regarded as a first-rate publishing house because of Barry Sheinkopf’s high standards—for himself and for his authors. In the fifty-two years I’ve spent in professional psychology, it was always a desire of mine to publish what I knew from studying, teaching in medical schools and universities, and treating those with personal issues, both large and small. Writing had always been easy for me, but I had no idea how difficult it would be to compose, organize, and produce a publishable work. Without an editor it would have been impossible, but without a Barry Sheinkopf and Full Court Press it would have been far less enjoyable and satisfying to present to the world of other professionals. He made my dream come true in superb fashion.”

Alfred A. Borelli
Author of The Match: Academic/Applied Psychology and the Chemical Dependence Field: A Parallel History of Theory, Assessment, and Treatment


Jennifer Jolly“Full Court Press is a first-rate publishing company. I found the quality of their work was exceptional, demonstrating high levels of professionalism and expertise. They were also extremely responsive in answering questions and overall a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them.”

Jennifer Jolly
Author of The Elusive Baboon: A Ugandan Odyssey


Michael LynesThere is a Reaper, my first book, which my wife and I both wrote, was released to the world in just a few short weeks—due in large part to Barry Sheinkopf’s skill and dedication in working with us on its creation. Through judicious cutting, and laser-focused editing, he helped us polish our prose and crystalize our vision. We started with was a gem in the rough; his was the master touch that brought its clear and sparkling facets to view. I am very proud of the writing we did, but I am grateful and not at all ashamed to say that, without him, publishing my late son’s story might never have been more than a dream. Over 120 Amazon reviews and many book awards later, it seems that our audience agrees. I will say this. You and your precious child-work are in good hands with Full Court. Thank you, Barry!”

Michael Lynes
Author of There Is A Reaper: Losing a Child to Cancer and The Fat Man Gets Out Of Bed: Collected Shorter Stories


Linda Principe“Full Court Press published my two books of poetry, and I was so impressed with them, I pulled my first published book from another publisher and had Barry Sheinkopf re-publish it as well. This is a first-rate publisher whose work is exquisite in both design and execution. The results are professional and outright beautiful. I cannot recommend this press enough. If you care about what your book looks like and want a work you can be proud of, this is the way to go. You will not be disappointed.”

Linda Principe
Author of Tangible Remains, Echoes of Light, and Surviving Murder: A True Crime Memoir


Stew Mosberg“Full Court Press helped me through the publishing and production of my first novel; editing and production questions were handled professionally and with compassion. I particularly appreciate their book design and expertise, which included cover advice and the interior text, layout and typography, and the editing service—so perfect I asked them to produce my second book.”

Stew Mosberg
Author of In the Shadows of Canyon Road and Good Days, Bad Days: A Collection of Short Stories


Arlene Pollack“For eighty years I’ve been writing poetry—on napkins, legal pads, backs of envelopes, you name it. When I rounded up all the pieces, Full Court Press created two beautiful books to house my poetry collection. I’ve just about completed a third series of poems and short stories to give to Full Court, knowing that Barry Sheinkopf will do his creative magic once again.”

Arlene Pollack
Author of Persons, Places, and Things: Selected Poems and All In All: Stories and Poems


Jim Gold“When Barry Sheinkopf founded Full Court Press in 2001, I was one of his first clients. He edited my novel and produced it with great care and sensitivity. After publishing four books with Full Court Press, I am a fulfilled and happy writer—and I plan to publish my next book with Full Court, too. I am thankful to Barry and the press for producing such artful books. They make me proud and bring me joy, and they’re the culmination of a great writing life.”

Jim Gold
Author of Mad Shoes, Crusader Tours, Zany, and Handfuls of Air


Gail Larkin“What makes Full Court Press the best choice for a writer interested in self-publishing is its adherence to industry standards in preparing your manuscript so that it—and, ultimately, your published book—will be professional, polished, and ready for the market. Barry Sheinkopf walked me through the entire process, from interior design and proofreading to cover design, manufacturing, and marketing. He even suggested wonderful sources for book reviewers. Choosing Full Court Press as the means by which you bring your book to fruition means that you keep creative control and final decisions while professionals do the rest. The press takes great pride in its work. If you’re reading testimonials on the Full Court Press website, you’re probably unsure of where to start to get your book published. Look no further. You’re here.”

Gail Larkin
Author of What We Carry: A New York Paramedic’s Story


Margaret Taylor“I have worked closely with Full Court Press on both a children’s book and a contemporary romance-suspense. I am grateful for Barry Sheinkopf’s insights and attention to detail. It’s not a simple task to format, print, and bind a manuscript 600 pages long in manuscript. He caught multiple errors and made suggestions that served to greatly enhance the flavor of the story. He is on time with delivery and offers very high quality editing and design expertise. I am pleased to place the sequel in his hands, to be published by Full Court Press. I think he’s the best in the business.”

Margaret Taylor
Author of A Town Without Socks and I Can’t Begin To Tell You


Anne Abramson“If you’re looking to self-publish a book, Full Court Press is the best professional service to work with. Barry Sheinkopf can, and will, handle all facets of the job and make the process enjoyable. He recently helped me complete a project that was very close to my heart, and I am thrilled with the result. He’s conscientious, reliable, flexible, and compassionate. His wealth of experience will be obvious from your first conference. Besides, he’s sincere. I highly recommend him.”

Anne Abramson
Editor of Jen’s Gift: A Treasure of Inspirational Insights


Natalie Beaumont“I have enjoyed writing for many years, but it never occurred to me that I might actually write a book. The process seemed way too daunting—until I got some help and encouragement from Barry Sheinkopf, the founder of Full Court Press. I have known several people who have published on their own, but I wanted the assistance of someone who knew the business and could lead me through the process in order to have a polished and credible result, without blaring typos and semantic inconsistencies, and where copies can be ordered as needed. I am proud to say that I have published one book and am now in the process of writing another, larger and more comprehensive than the first. It is a heady thing to be a published author, and it would not have happened without Full Court Press and Barry Sheinkopf.”

Natalie Beaumont
Author of The Short Side of Paradise


James T. Dette“I have a great appreciation for Barry Sheinkopf, publisher of Full Court Press, for bringing my two novels to press. It was a particularly satisfying experience to see one’s words in print with all the accouterments of a mainstream, professionally published work. Getting a novel published is a Herculean task.  Full Court Press has been an enormous help.  Everything—from the selection of the fonts to the design and development of the cover—is expertly undertaken, and the finished product is a work of art in itself.”

James T. Dette
Author of Rollmops and The Tree in Calle Sulaco